Wise words from the lecturers…

This week, Sussex University asked its students to register their religion with the assessment office, so that they won’t be scheduled to take exams on Saturdays, for instance. I told them I was Jewish, and was asked to “forward confirmation from your rabbi” – perhaps the University has had to take stern action against the rising tide of people pretending to be Jewish solely in order to maliciously sit exams only on weekdays. Or perhaps it’s just that they’ve been troubled by people producing false business cards claiming membership of a particular religion.

In other news, I’ve been writing for The Badger, Sussex’s student newspaper, and so far, I’ve moaned about Theresa May. So all good.

Meanwhile, there have been several instances of lecturers very much earning their tuition fees, with wise words and erudite scholarship. And it’s all featured in the exciting column known as…

Sussexballs: £9000 per annum paid for contributions

“Hobbes wasn’t writing about our modern, contemporary world. Because he couldn’t.”

“What is International Relations? I was once asked that question in a job interview. Mind you, I didn’t get the job.”

“University should be more of a driving-lesson experience than a taxi experience.”

[title of PowerPoint slide in lecture] “Some stuff about Politics.”

“You know Iran tried to assassinate the Saudi ambassador? That’s quite bad.”

[IT engineer fixes computer at the start of a British Political History lecture; then the lecturer says…] “No, do stay: you may learn something!” [dirty look from IT engineer]

“The lecturers’ union is working to contract at the moment so I shouldn’t really be covering for a colleague, but I promised to, so I decided to do it but give you a short talk about our industrial action first.” [drones on about pension arrangements for quite some time]

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