The many flavours of Christian Brodie

Portrait of a Banker
Portrait of a Banker

Readers may remember the ‘musical chairs’ fiasco over Sussex’s graduation ceremonies this year, where first our esteemed Chancellor Sanjeev Bhaskar was to preside, then Chair of Council Chris ‘Wonga Wonga Party’ Brodie (pictured) planned to step in, and finally it was agreed that – controversially – experienced academics would be involved in the conferring of degrees.

It’s not just readers of this blog who will be familiar with the story. Those who follow Private Eye will also know about it… although I can’t imagine where they got the story from.

Anyway, this week Gabrielquotes – as so often – has exclusive information to reveal that sheds new light on the backstory.

Here is the text of the email to the Vice-Chancellor in which Chris Brodie sensationally withdrew from chairing the graduation ceremonies:

Dear Michael
We may wish to review my presence at the graduation ceremonies next week. If you google ‘Christian Brodie deceit’, you will get a flavour.
[…] This is not an ideal backdrop to the ceremonies next week. Happy to discuss whenever convenient.
All the best

What fun!

A wand’ring Bhaskar I

171.item[1]I’ve also seen a copy of Chancellor Bhaskar’s (pictured) email to Michael Farthing in which he revealed, for the first time, that he wouldn’t be able to attend the graduation ceremonies.

The University press release was on 2nd July. So when do you reckon Sanjeev broke the sad news? 1st July? 28th June?

No, it was a full three weeks earlier on 12th June.

So let us wonder why it took the University three weeks to reveal to an unhappy audience that their star guest was absent. Could it have been because tickets were still on sale to people hoping to see their child/parent/spouse hug a television star?

I couldn’t possibly comment.

Caption competition: Katy Bourne edition

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