Eight candles up on top (Channukadvent Calendar Day 7)

Dr Seuss Jews has been at it again:

In the Temple of old there was once an intruder:
This is the story of when they met Judah.
The Maccabees regained their places of worship
Through miracles, fighting, oil entrepreneurship.

The Greeks stormed Jerusalem and took many spoils:
Candles and arterfacts and, obvs, special oils.
They put pigs in the Temple, they tore up the Torah,
They arrested the priests, they snuffed out the menorah.

But Judah the Maccabee wasn’t quiescant.
He vowed the menorah would be incandescant.
He gathered some fighters to take on the tyrants;
They conquered the Greeks without all that much violence.

But when they’d succeeded, Greek rule overturning,
They found that the Temple flames wouldn’t start burning.
They needed more oil within two days’ time
But how could they get it? No Amazon Prime.

Yet when they were down to their last oil remaining
The Eternal One did something very sustaining.
The fuel that would only have lit up for one day
Kept burning and burning from Sunday to Sunday!

And so, to this day, each Jew from their cradle
Learns all of this story (and how to play dreidel).

Join us again tomorrow for the final entry in the Channukadvent Calendar!

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