Trump’s grudge at the judge

Dr Seuss is reborn…

In his first month of office, the 45th POTUS
Made several decisions (to be fair, he gave notice:
In many frank speeches when seeking election
He plainly revealed his lack of affection
For Mexians, Muslims and LGBT –
A racist and bigoted Putinist he!)

He unleashed a string of Executive Orders
Aborting abortion and sealing his borders.
Anyone Libyan, Iraqi or Syrian
Is now disadvantaged by his new criterion.

But Washington state has obtained a suspension:
Judge Robart was quite taken with their contention
That Muslim bans breach the Free Exercise Clause,
The Fourteenth Amendment, and various laws.

Then Donald hit back, thus revealing his grudge
Against the judiciary and that so-called judge.
And when he lost out in the Court of Appeal
He really considered he’d got a raw deal.

So pity poor Trump, because all of these traitors
Stand between him and the title ‘Dictator’.

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