Hillel and Shammai decided to settle it all with an arm wrestle

Here is a poem that occurred to me in a complete flight of fancy.

The Arm Wrestle

Hillel and Shammai decided to settle it all with an arm wrestle

But they couldn’t agree on the details.

Hillel said that they should start after a count of, “1, 2, 3,”

Whereas Shammai said it should be, “3, 2, 1.”

And there was big trouble when Shammai suggested that hitting with builders’ tools should be allowed.

They also had difficulty setting a date:

Shammai turned up on the 1st,

But Hillel didn’t arrive until the 15th.

Eventually, though, they both arrived at the Beit Midrash,

Each in team colours.

Peddlers were selling little figurines of the two contestants

And everyone in Jerusalem had a little flutter

(Though Hillel’s fans made sure that their stakes were held by the court – technically).

Unfortunately, it all kicked off between their supporters:

A few of Shammai’s students killed some of Hillel’s guys.

Shammai beckoned to Hillel and rolled up his sleeve.

In an unexpected twist, he had a tattoo on his bicep, of a skull saying, “Receive all men with a pleasant face.”

Hillel stood opposite him on one leg,

Until they explained that he could, and probably should, use both legs on this occasion,

And he extended his hand.

But at that moment, a Divine Voice emerged

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