About GQ

It is a hallmark of a civilised society that there should be a good deal of satirical writing and taking the wind out of unnecessarily puffed sails.

— Lord Justice Sir Patrick O’Connor, 1972

Welcome to m’blog, Gabrielquotes.

I’m Gabriel Kanter-Webber, a writer and rabbi-to-be currently based in London. This is my blog. I also provide a scurrilous soundbite service @gabrielquotes, and post various sermons, handouts and so on on the Jewish resources page.

I was behind the Just William’s Year project, a unique endeavour to catalogue and review each of the 360 classic Just William stories by Richmal Crompton one day at a time.

Enjoy, and above all don’t take too seriously.

Satire is the bringing to ridicule of vice, folly and humbug. All the negatives imply a set of positives. You only go round saying, ‘That’s wrong, that’s corrupt,’ if you have some feeling it should be better than that.
People say, ‘You satirists attack everything.’ Well, we don’t, actually. That’s the whole point.

Ian Hislop, 1995


  1. A lot of the content on this blog is ironic/satirical and therefore not intended to be taken as the literal truth: I like to think it’s rather like the Bible in this respect. Quite often, no offence is intended. Satire and satirical comment are regarded as legitimate forms of freedom of expression by a substantial body of case law including Macleod v NewsquestElton John v Guardian and the European Court of Human Rights’ judgement in the Nikowitz case.
  2. The views expressed on this blog are my own – except those of Sir George Campbell MP – and not necessarily the views of Leo Baeck College, Liberal Judaism or any other organisation with which I am associated. Comments added by readers of this blog are the responsibility of their respective authors.
  3. Occasionally, adverts may be displayed on the blog. I don’t like them, have no control over them, would rather they weren’t there and definitely don’t endorse them.
  4. Copies of the Gabrielquotes Blog Complaint Procedure will be made available on request.

All text on this blog, including text contained within image files, is © Gabriel Kanter-Webber 2011-21 unless otherwise indicated or obvious from the context. All rights reserved and moral rights asserted.

Images on this blog may be © Gabriel Kanter-Webber 2011-21 (all rights reserved) or ‘borrowed’ from Google Images or similar publicly-available sources. Contact me to trace the provenance of any specific content.

The creative focus of all audio and video material is © Gabriel Kanter-Webber 2011-21 – eg. the lyrics to songs that I sing. Other material, including backing music, sound effects and so on, may be original or will otherwise come from a variety of publicly-available sources. Contact me to trace the provenance of any specific content.


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