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06.05.22Nottingham Liberal SynagogueEvening classAgeing and onwards
06.05.22Nottingham Liberal SynagogueSermon Erev EmorForward planning[5782] GKW Serm 15
29.04.22YorkSermon K’doshimJust baffling[5782] GKW Serm 14
16.04.22Nottingham Liberal SynagogueSermon PesachLet their people in[5782] GKW Serm 13
02.04.22Nottingham Liberal SynagogueSermon M’tzoraA mixture of it and us[5782] GKW Serm 12
11.03.22Nottingham Liberal SynagogueSermon Erev VayikraA byass frequently observable[5782] GKW Serm 11
10.03.22Leo Baeck CollegeD’var Torah: VayikraRising and falling
03.03.22Brighton and Hove Progressive SynagogueUkraine specialJewish attitudes to conscientious objection
04.02.22Nottingham Liberal SynagogueSermon Erev TerumahJews of many parts[5782] GKW Serm 10
08.01.22Nottingham Liberal SynagogueSermon Bo (Mental Health Shabbat)Standing outside[5782] GKW Serm 9
28.12.21Limmud FestivalOne-off sessionDefrocking bad rabbis: a preview of my dissertation (video)
22.12.21OnlineOne-off paperChazor b’cha: in praise of cancel culture (which doesn’t really exist)
20.12.21Nottingham Liberal SynagogueOne-off classMermaids in Jewish texts 
17.12.21Brighton and Hove Progressive SynagogueSermon Vay’chiJoseph and Aseneth[5782] GKW Serm 8
11.12.21Rene CassinHuman Rights ShabbatForgotten grains, not forgotten people 
02.12.21Brighton and Hove Progressive SynagogueClass on the Book of JudgesYotam and the trees 
25.11.21Leo Baeck CollegeD’var Torah VayeshevIt’s a secret 
18.11.21The interwebsSermon VayishlachRacism at the Board of Deputies: who will bring them down to earth? 
23.10.21Nottingham Liberal SynagogueSermon VayeiraThe forgotten Mrs Lot[5782] GKW Serm 7
16.10.21Brighton and Hove Progressive SynagogueSermon Lech L’chaChanging the future[5782] GKW Serm 6
30.09.21Tablet MagazineArticleThe anti-Semitic rabbi who became a priest… well, maybe (see also commentary here) 
16.09.21Brighton and Hove Progressive SynagogueSermon Yom Kippur afternoonBeing lifted up – or being uplifted[5782] GKW Serm 5
16.09.21Brighton and Hove Progressive SynagogueSermon Yom Kippur morningSitting in position[5782] GKW Serm 4
15.09.21Brighton and Hove Progressive SynagogueSermon Kol NidreStanding up[5782] GKW Serm 3
07.09.21Brighton and Hove Progressive SynagogueSermon Rosh HashanahLying down[5782] GKW Serm 2
06.09.21Brighton and Hove Progressive SynagogueSermon Erev Rosh HashanahLeaning into the new year[5782] GKW Serm 1
26.08.21LimmudD’var Torah Ki TavoBackwards and forwards 
21.08.21Southgate Progressive SynagogueSermon Ki TeitzeWe know we belong to the land[5781] GKW Serm 22
30.07.21SCM PressChapter in Slavery-Free Communities: emerging theologies and faith responses to modern slavery (written jointly with Mia Hasenson-Gross)‘Thank God for not making me a slave’ (you need to buy the book though) 
29.07.21Leo Baeck CollegeD’var Torah EikevJumping to conclusions 
19.06.21York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon ChukkatForever blowing bubbles[5781] GKW Serm 21
05.06.21York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon Sh’lach L’chaDeadnaming[5781] GKW Serm 20
01.06.21Online onlyA whimsical poemThe Arm Wrestle 
21.05.21York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon Erev NasoIrrational doubts[5781] GKW Serm 19
14.05.21York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon Erev B’midbarFlagging[5781] GKW Serm 18
06.05.21Leo Baeck CollegeD’var Torah B’chukkotaiYour enemies shall steal your recipes? 
24.04.21York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon K’doshimThe mightier hand[5781] GKW Serm 17
15.04.21York Liberal Jewish CommunityJudaism 101 classJudaism and anti-racism 
10.04.21York Liberal Jewish Community and Oxford Jewish Community (Liberal section)Sermon Sh’miniI am seriously annoying[5781] GKW Serm 16
27.03.21York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon TzavClay or copper?[5781] GKW Serm 15
19.03.21York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon Erev VayikraFinding a fast horse[5781] GKW Serm 14
18.03.21York Liberal Jewish CommunityJudaism 101 classThe calf with the broken neck 
13.03.21York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon Vayakhel-P’kudeiFacing the abusing court[5781] GKW Serm 13
27.02.21York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon TetzavvehPants on fire[5781] GKW Serm 12
27.01.21City of YorkHolocaust Memorial Day ceremonyAddress (video here) 
16.01.21York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon Va’eiraHad enough of experts?[5781] GKW Serm 11
08.01.21York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon Erev Sh’motSeeing through the fog of protocol[5781] GKW Serm 10
04.11.20Wimbledon SynagogueSermon Erev VayishlachEleanor Rigby[5781] GKW Serm 9
03.12.20Leo Baeck CollegeD’var Torah VayishlachThe Jewish people is not in cold storage 
27.11.20The Internet Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon Erev VayeitzeiThis land is shrunk 
20.11.20York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon ToledotDig wells to help out[5781] GKW Serm 8
13.11.20York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon Erev Chayyei SarahNo more smashed crockery[5781] GKW Serm 7
30.10.20York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon Erev Lech L’chaTrick or treat?[5781] GKW Serm 6
24.10.20Wimbledon SynagogueSermon No’achAm I the asshole?[5781] GKW Serm 5
16.10.20Wimbledon SynagogueSermon Erev BereishitCain’s right to be forgotten (video) (semi-legible transcript here) 
08.10.20York Liberal Jewish CommunitySimchat Torah study sessionStand-out passages of Torah 
02.10.20Wimbledon SynagogueSermon Erev SukkotA little bit of water in my life[5781] GKW Serm 4
01.10.20York Liberal Jewish CommunitySukkot study sessionThe four species 
28.09.20Liberal JudaismYom Kippur study sessionThe High Priest, impurity and His Dark Materials (video here) 
28.09.20York and Manchester Liberal Jewish CommunitiesSermon Yom KippurGod’s algorithm (video here)[5781] GKW Serm 3
27.09.20York and Manchester Liberal Jewish CommunitiesSermon Kol NidreThe longest day (video here)[5781] GKW Serm 2
24.09.20York Liberal Jewish CommunityYom Kippur study sessionDos and Don’ts 
19.09.20York and Manchester Liberal Jewish CommunitiesSermon Rosh HashanahThe earth: God’s doughball (video here)[5781] GKW Serm 1
18.09.20York and Manchester Liberal Jewish CommunitiesErev Rosh HashanahRosh Hashanah seder liturgy 
17.09.20York Liberal Jewish CommunityRosh Hashanah study sessionThe seventh month 
12.09.20Glasgow Reform SynagogueSermon Nitzavim-VayelechIt is not far away[5780] GKW Serm 25
01.09.20European Judaism journalArticle (behind paywall)Why does God get it wrong? Divine fallibility in Athens and Jerusalem 
29.08.20Wimbledon SynagogueSermon Ki TeitzeiBarred[5780] GKW Serm 24
20.08.20Leo Baeck CollegeD’var Torah ShoftimUntitled 
14.08.20Wimbledon SynagogueSermon Erev R’ehLocal spirit[5780] GKW Serm 23
08.08.20Birmingham Progressive SynagogueSermon EikevThe golden waters of Sinai[5780] GKW Serm 22
02.08.20Limmud Together UKSessionKorach: fascist demagogue or community organiser? 
01.08.20Wimbledon SynagogueSermon Va’etchannanThe ten guidelines[5780] GKW Serm 21
18.07.20Glasgow Reform SynagogueSermon Matot-Mas’eiThe tent in the room upstairs[5780] GKW Serm 20
09.07.20The interwebsSermon PinchasThe Daughters of Zelophechad take on the police 
03.07.20Wimbledon SynagogueSermon BalakWhat if Balak had had Twitter?[5780] GKW Serm 19
27.06.20Wimbledon SynagogueSermon ChukkatStrip Baden-Powell of his vestments[5780] GKW Serm 18
25.06.20Leo Baeck CollegeD’var Torah ChukkatTested on animals 
20.06.20Glasgow Reform SynagogueSermon KorachThe chosen stick[5780] GKW Serm 17
05.06.20Manchester Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon Erev Beha’alot’chaInsulated from death[5780] GKW Serm 16
28.05.20Wimbledon SynagogueSermon Erev ShavuotThe great outdoors[5780] GKW Serm 15
09.05.20York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon EmorAllow substitutions[5780] GKW Serm 14
07.05.20Leo Baeck College‘Liturgy’ presentationA Shema fit for Korach (explanation of what this is all about here) 
02.05.20Manchester Liberal Jewish CommunityVirtual discussion classPolice in the Jewish tradition 
01.05.20Wimbledon SynagogueKehillah magazine’From the student rabbi’It didn’t have a title but here it is 
25.04.20Gabriel Online Jewish Community PlcSermon Tatzria-M’tzoraDifferent sorts of boundary 
18.04.20Gabriel Online Jewish Community PlcSermon on God’s role in the pandemicIs God self-isolating? 
07.04.20Rene CassinThought for PesachLockdown focusses our human rights glasses 
03.04.20Online onlySermon on lockdownPersons, things and premises 
14.03.20Northwood and Pinner Liberal SynagogueSermon Ki Tissa (Leo Baeck Shabbat)The trial of the pyx[5780] GKW Serm 13
04.03.20Liberal Judaism education hubTzom Hillel v’ShammaiSource sheet and creative liturgy 
22.02.20South Hampshire Reform Jewish CommunitySermon MishpatimThe great chicken trial of Jerusalem[5780] GKW Serm 12
07.02.20Manchester Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon B’shallach (Mental Health Shabbat)The battle of the troubled mind[5780] GKW Serm 11
06.02.20Leo Baeck CollegeD’var Torah B’shallachThe old-new song 
31.01.20The UKBrexitA liturgy to mark Britain’s exit from the EU 
18.01.20Wimbledon SynagogueSermon Sh’motTowards safer sacred spaces[5780] GKW Serm 10
11.01.20Cardiff Reform SynagogueSermon Vay’chiLondon Bridge is down[5780] GKW Serm 9
10.01.20Cardiff Reform SynagogueSermon Erev Vay’chiOne-on-one[5780] GKW Serm 8
26.12.19Limmud FestivalSessionBinyamin is a werewolf 
22.12.19Limmud FestivalSessionRabbinic freedom of pulpit 
21.12.19Wimbledon SynagogueSermon VayeshevThe shalshelet and the parallel universe[5780] GKW Serm 7
14.12.19Birmingham Progressive SynagogueSermon VayishlachOur own limp, our own shame, our own triumph, our own name[5780] GKW Serm 6
07.12.19Manchester Liberal Jewish CommunityHuman Rights ShabbatThe Universal Declaration of Human Rights set to haftarah trop 
23.11.19Wimbledon SynagogueSermon Chayyei SarahA question of firewood[5780] GKW Serm 5
26.10.19Kingston Liberal SynagogueSermon Bereishit (my aufruf!)Abel: the first tycoon?[5780] GW Serm 4
18.10.19Dublin Jewish Progressive CongregationSermon Erev Chol ha-Moed SukkotFestival fatigue[5780] GW Serm 3
12.10.19Wimbledon SynagogueSermon Ha’azinuOne long valedictory speech[5780] GW Serm 2
29.09.19Southport and District Reform SynagogueSermon Erev Rosh HashanahMoses and the second tablets[5780] GW Serm 1
28.09.19Wimbledon SynagogueSermon NitzavimLady Hale’s spider[5779] GW Serm 25
29.08.19Leo Baeck CollegeD’var Torah Re’ehThe sliding scale of justice 
27.07.19Wimbledon SynagogueSermon MattotTrapped in a flat on Pall Mall[5779] GW Serm 24
20.07.19York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon PinchasHanding over[5779] GW Serm 23
14.07.19Bar Convent, YorkLiving Theology conferenceJews and non-Jews 
15.06.19York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon B’ha’alot’chaJoshua and the rebellious scribe[5779] GW Serm 22
01.06.19Wimbledon SynagogueSermon B’midbarFrequently asked questions[5779] GW Serm 21
25.05.19Brighton and Hove Progressive SynagogueSermon B’chukkotaiEyes down for a full harvest[5779] GW Serm 20
16.05.19York Liberal Jewish CommunityJudaism 101 classCharacter is tested through business: Jewish ethics in the marketplace 
11.05.19Southport and District Reform SynagogueSermon EmorThe dignity of the priesthood[5779] GW Serm 19
27.04.19York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon Acharei MotAcharei Monty Hall[5779] GW Serm 18
13.04.19Wimbledon SynagogueSermon M’tzoraBuilding a pathway[5779] GW Serm 17
16.03.19York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon VayikraWhat’s it all about, aleph?[5779] GW Serm 16
28.02.19Leo Baeck CollegeD’var Torah VayakhelThe Great Fundraising Thermometer 
23.02.19Southgate Progressive SynagogueSermon Ki TisaTo be filled with knowledge[5779] GW Serm 15
16.02.19York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon T’tzavehNot all heroes wear capes[5779] GW Serm 14
09.02.19Wimbledon SynagogueSermon TerumahWilliam and the Tabernacle[5779] GW Serm 13
28.01.19  Article 50 set to trop (recording here) 
05.01.19Wimbledon SynagogueSermon Va’eiraAn app called ‘camera’[5779] GW Serm 12
15.12.18York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon VayigashMeasure for measure[5779] GW Serm 11
13.12.18York Liberal Jewish CommunityJudaism 101 classThe true story/ies of Channukah 
08.12.18Tikvah Chadashah (Shenfield)Sermon MikkeitzGrowth after death[5779] GW Serm 10
01.12.18Wimbledon SynagogueSermon VayeshevThe first Kindertransport[5779] GW Serm 9
17.11.18York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon VayeitzeiRachel and the household gods[5779] GW Serm 8
15.11.18York Liberal Jewish CommunityJudaism 101 classThe trolley problem in Jewish ethics
15.11.18Leo Baeck CollegeD’var Torah VayeitzeiSpeckled sheep and Jewish children
03.11.18Wimbledon SynagogueSermon Chayei SarahRomance is not dead[5779] GW Serm 7
27.10.18Wimbledon SynagogueSermon VayeiraMock the weak[5779] GW Serm 6
20.10.18York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon Lech L’chaTzom Rabin[5779] GW Serm 5
18.10.18York Liberal Jewish CommunityJudaism 101 classMaking a prophet
19.09.18Beit Klal YisraelSermon Yom Kippur afternoonChoose life (and/ or death)[5779] GW Serm 4
19.09.18Beit Klal YisraelSermon Yom Kippur morningMatir Asurim[5779] GW Serm 3
18.09.18Beit Klal YisraelSermon Kol NidreJudge Judaism[5779] GW Serm 2
09, 10.09.18South Hampshire Reform Jewish Community; and Isle of Wight Jewish SocietySermon Rosh HashanahThe year of the slightly-closed ears[5779] GW Serm 1
08.09.18Wimbledon SynagogueSermon NitzavimTorah without borders[5778] GW Serm 20
18.08.18Wimbledon SynagogueSermon ShoftimI thought Oz was a terrible beast![5778] GW Serm 19
11.08.18Finchley Progressive SynagogueSermon Re’ehThe bats have a ball[5778] GW Serm 18
19.07.18York Liberal Jewish CommunityJudaism 101 classShabbat 
12.07.18Leo Baeck CollegeD’var Torah: Matot-MaseiThe passengers speak up 
16.06.18York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon KorachMoses and Korach play The Dozens[5778] GW Serm 17
09.06.18York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon Sh’lach L’chaThe wilderness of mirrors[5778] GW Serm 16
19.05.18York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon ShavuotA Tale of Ten Commandments[5778] GW Serm 15
28.04.18The Wimbledon Synagogue (Reform)Sermon Emor(Untitled) 
21.04.18York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon Acharei MotThe Kutonet Museum[5778] GW Serm 14
19.04.18York Liberal Jewish CommunityJudaism 101 classIndependence day or disaster? Different narratives to 1948
31.03.18Finchley Progressive SynagogueSermon PesachWhich story do you prefer?[5778] GW Serm 13
24.03.18Finchley Progressive SynagogueSermon TzavEverything feels small[5778] GW Serm 12
17.03.18York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon VayikraBreaking the spiral[5778] GW Serm 11
15.03.18York Liberal Jewish CommunityJudaism 101 classWhat does a Jewish state really look like?
15.03.18York Liberal Jewish CommunityClifford’s Tower commemorationImagining the events of 1190[5778] GW Serm 10
08.03.18Leo Baeck CollegeD’var Torah: Vayekhel-PekudeiThe first annual report
03.03.18The Wimbledon Synagogue (Reform)Sermon Ki TisaDeath threats and melting mobs[5778] GW Serm 9
17.02.18York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon TerumahThe other Heaven[5778] GW Serm 8
15.02.18York Liberal Jewish CommunityJudaism 101 classWhy aren’t rabbis called priests?
10.02.18Finchley Progressive SynagogueSermon MishpatimOn Hasselling the judiciary[5778] GW Serm 7
18.01.18York Liberal Jewish CommunityJudaism 101 classSmashing the tablets: Moses on trial
13.01.18The Wimbledon Synagogue (Reform)Sermon Va’eiraThe Prosecutor v Moses ben-Amram[5778] GW Serm 6
28.12.17Limmud FestivalSessionHow Moses invented freedom of information
24.12.17Limmud FestivalSessionKonrad Morgen and Izzy Einstein: two fanatics for justice
16.12.17York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon Miketz (b’nei mitzvah)The fat cows of rededication[5778] GW Serm 5
14.12.17York Liberal Jewish CommunityJudaism 101 classAre we what we eat? Kashrut in the modern world
12.12.17Rene CassinContribution to Torah commentaryHuman rights advocates walk in Joseph’s footsteps
01.12.17Northwood and Pinner Liberal SynagogueMagazine articleAharon Barak – the prophet who kept society faithful to itself
18.11.17York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon Tol’dot (at the annual interfaith civic service)The tolerance of the womb[5778] GW Serm 4
16.11.17York Liberal Jewish CommunityJudaism 101 classThe end of days (and a very naughty boy)
16.11.17Leo Baeck CollegeDiscussion activity for Parashat Tol’dotWill the Jewry please stand?[featuring the Fraud Act 2006]
02.11.17Leo Baeck CollegeD’var Torah: VayeiraBetween the wolves and the angels
23.10.17My own twisted sense of humourBanterLeyning The Ning Nang Nong
21.10.17York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon No’achThe missing instruction[5778] GW Serm 3
19.10.17York Liberal Jewish CommunityJudaism 101 classMoses’s staff problems: a look at Jews and miracles
29.09.17York Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon Kol NidreForgiveness not forgetfulness[5778] GW Serm 2
21.09.17Stevenage Liberal SynagogueSermon Rosh HashanahWhose ram is it anyway?[5778] GW Serm 1
19.08.17Finchley Progressive SynagogueSermon Re’ehOf mages and sages[5777] GW Serm 6
29.07.17York Liberal Jewish Community (Scarborough)Sermon DevarimThe Israelites and the Rising Pyramid- or, Captains Who Sing[5777] GW Serm 5
13.07.17York Liberal Jewish CommunityJudaism 101 classTisha b’Av versus the summer
13.07.17Finchley Progressive SynagogueLunch and Learn: Parashat PinchasZelophechad’s daughters and the You-turn
29.06.17Finchley Progressive SynagogueLunch and Learn: Parashat ChukatMoses rocks on
08.06.17Finchley Progressive SynagogueLunch and Learn: Parashat BehalotechaWhinging about garlic
01.06.17Finchley Progressive SynagogueLunch and Learn: Parashat NasoPinky promises and Unbreakable Vows
31.05.17Finchley Progressive SynagogueSermon ShavuotThe King’s Day Off (featuring a Belgian fairy-tale what I wrote)[5777] GW Serm 4
18.05.17York Liberal Jewish CommunityJudaism 101 classShavuot
07.05.17Westminster SynagogueWestminster Chai day of Israel learning‘No contradiction’: Judaism and democracy in the Israeli Supreme Court
04.05.17York Liberal Jewish CommunityJudaism 101 classJus in disputatio: Jewish ethics of debate
27.04.17Finchley Progressive SynagogueLunch and Learn: Parashat TazriaLunch’n’Leprosy
20.04.17Finchley Progressive SynagogueLunch and Learn: Parashat Sh’miniWhen is a commandment not a commandment?
25.03.17Finchley Progressive SynagogueKabbalat Torah classAnti-Semitism or No Anti-Semitism? (ask participants to stand on one side of room if they think the example is anti-Semitic, and the opposite side if it’s not)
23.03.17Finchley Progressive SynagogueLunch and Learn: Parashat Vayakheil-P’kudeiHave synagogue building projects always been this complicated?!
15.03.17Leo Baeck CollegePresentation for rabbinic admissions interviewThe tension of security and welcoming (speaking notes only)
02.03.17Finchley Progressive SynagogueLunch and Learn: Parashat TerumahMishkan Meccano: building a curiosity in the desert
09.02.17Finchley Progressive SynagogueLunch and Learn: Parashat BeshalachGive us a wave: miracles and fear at the Red Sea
02.02.17York Liberal Jewish CommunityJudaism 101 classTree wise men: Tu Bishvat and Jewish environmentalism
19.01.17York Liberal Jewish CommunityJudaism 101 classAfter-effects of the Holocaust on the Jewish people
25.12.16 [ditto]Limmud ConferenceSessionJust William and the Jews: William and the Nasties, a 1935 tale withdrawn from publication…
25.12.16 [yes really]Limmud ConferenceSessionPolitics from the pulpit: religious leaders, electioneering and the law
14.12.16Finchley Progressive SynagogueLunch and learn: Parashat VayishlachA reunion: Esau’s kiss
08.11.16Finchley Progressive SynagogueOpening thought for a Council meetingAn Election Day Prayer
12.10.16Eastbourne Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon Yom KippurMoses over our shoulder[5777] GW Serm 3
11.10.16Eastbourne Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon Kol NidreThe sins we have committed[5777] GW Serm 2
06.10.16York Liberal Jewish CommunityJudaism 101 classThe tenth day is the Day of Atonement
02.10.16Eastbourne Liberal Jewish CommunitySermon Erev Rosh HashanahReturning and not returning[5777] GW Serm 1
01.09.16York Liberal Jewish CommunityJudaism 101 classThe Creation: from midrash to Milton Jones
27.08.16Finchley Progressive SynagogueSermon EikevThe Heartless Hotline and the everlasting clothes[5776] GW Serm 1

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