Sir George

george-campbell-transparentSir George Campbell MP (pictured right) is a regular guest contributor to this blog.

The eldest son of Sir George Campbell, Sir George’s beginnings were humble indeed. His first job was as an assistant magistrate and district collector in the North-Western Provinces of the British Empire.

However, he moved fast through the ranks and ultimately became Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal, before retiring to the UK, when he decided to join Parliament – which is how the election process worked in them days.

Noted for his mainstream views, Sir George’s hobbies include shooting, riding elephants and pronouncing on the decline of our great nation.

Described by the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography as “authoritarian, paternalist [and] tireless in his enthusiasms,” he has an “insatiable desire for change” and is a leading voice for the modernisation of British society.

Sir George died in 1892 and regularly tweets @SirGeorgeMP

As is noted above, Sir George Campbell MP died over a century ago and I therefore cannot be held responsible for his contributions to this blog or for his tweets, which generally do not represent my own views and are usually included for their satirical value.


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