A departure from the royal family (the Purim special 5780)

Vashti or Meghan? You decide

Some people say that history never repeats itself. Then some people point to similarities between the stories of Meghan Markle and Queen Vashti. Then some people say, “That doesn’t count as history repeating itself because Queen Vashti is made-up.” Then it all gets a bit complicated.

Regardless, recently-discovered genizah fragments show how readers of an ancient Persian publication, Do’ar Yomi (which roughly translates as “daily mail”), reacted to the news that Vashti was to leave the palace of King Ahasuerus.

Coronavirus latest

This Purim will be a lot easier in many ways, because everyone is already wearing masks! Brilliant bonus!

Anyway, as anyone who’s suffered through the Book of Leviticus will know, there’s lots to say about infectious diseases. And fortunately enough, a newly-recovered page from the Hubei Genizah reveals what the rabbis wrote in the lost Talmudic tractate of Virusin. Click below to read!

In other Purim news

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