Going undercover

Since Friday, a new and very clear law has made face-coverings compulsory, throughout England, in every place where they’re not optional. They’ve even become the norm in courts, where – combining with the wigs – particpants are at serious risk of developing a vitamin D deficiency.

To try to confirm some of the complicated rules, Gabrielquotes Limited Dot Webs has prepared this short informative sound clip to help the public understand:


For those who still have remaining questions, a document has been unearthed from the West Suffolk genizah setting out some of the details (click to enlarge):

And now for something completely different


I may previously have given the impression that I was opposed to face-coverings. Comments such as, “Muslim women shouldn’t wear face-coverings,” “Face-coverings are unnatural and un-British,” and, “People who cover up their face look like letterboxes,” may have furthered this impression.

I would now like to apologise unreservedly, and point out that not only are face-coverings sensible, they are also stylish, sexy and mandatory.

That’s all.


So, as the infected droplet of time is sneezed out by the asymptomatic carrier of destiny, and as the Health minister of fate resigns into the obscurity of eternity, it appears to be the end of the blog post.
In this week’s episode, the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Wearing of Face Coverings in a Relevant Place) (England) Regulations 2020 were signed off by Matt Hancock, and the song was sung by the Wise Scarecrow. The Mishnah fragment was uncovered by Gabriel Kanter-Webber. This was an Gabrielquotes production.

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