The Uxbridge Book of Channukoid Jokes and Gags (Channukadvent Calendar Day 4)

dreidel-gallery2For Day 4 we have a selection of merry quips to share for your delectation:

– Doctor, doctor, I feel like my head’s spinning!
– Well be sure to land on gimel then!

– I’m in the business!
– What business?
– Finding objects with which to light Channukah candles other than the shammes.
– How’s business?
– No match for me!

– Knock, knock
– Who’s there?
– Ma
– Ma who?
– Ma O’Zur

– I’m in the business!
– What business?
– The creating visionary religious leaders business.
– How’s business?
– Well, we’re making a prophet.

Think those jokes were pretty weak? Well, Channukah is a pretty week.

Join us again tomorrow for Day 5 of the Channukadvent Calendar!


  1. Permission to steal the second one for a Kab Shab I’m running at my synagogue? I mean, I’ve already taken it and intend to use it whether or not you say yes or no, but I feel I should at least let you know. Thanks, I guess.

      1. Well my dad is a lawyer, and also it’s not too early to send you home from Veidah. I know these people what are in charge of LJY and stuff and they will rough you up proper m80.

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