What a noisy place to be-leyn

I know I’ve taken a long break – turns out that Student Rabbi Gabriel Webber is (a) quite busy and (b) has, when blogging, to be conscious of the dignity of the rabbinate.

But, just to tide my beloved audience over until I have more time – and with full regard to the dignity of the rabbinate – I’ve decided to set that great epic poem On the Ning Nang Nong by Spike Milligan to leyning trop.

You can here it hear:


NB the ta’amim are of course written ‘backwards’ as English runs in the opposite direction to Hebrew.

With thanks to the wonderful Chani Smith who’s been training me leyning since September; and with apologies to the wonderful Chani Smith for so flagrantly abusing the craft she’s taught me.

Comments? Queries? Questions? Observations?

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